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Please Note: Every candle is unique due to the artistic marbling technique applied. Some candles are darker and some lighter. All will showcase hues of pink and green...some even have a shade of white. Again, it's the technique of the hot wax and candle coloring technique. 


Hand poured a100% soy candle that is customed marbled in pink/green color. Perfect for relaxing, burning, and using soy on hands/feet for moisturizing.


Since items are hand-poured and color, soy needs time to cure before burning. If sold out, you may pre-order BUT we will not ship out until 2-3 weeks after ordering. You will see pre-order expected READY dates based on when you order. If the items are in stock, they are ready to ship, pick-up and burn:). 


Two Scents 

Bliss - a blend of orchid and sea breeze - light, whimsical scent perfect when listening to a little jazz...

Freedom - a blend of lavender and sage - slightly stronger scent but when mixed with a little reggae it's perfect!


100% Soy Candles - PNG Marbled

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