PRETTY - SOLD OUT, but you can still purchase the other colors for freinds/family. 


Masks- No returns/exchanges. 

These are thin masks and I prefer using as mask COVERS. Again, this is a cover (or thin mask) that is fully sublimated. If you are ordering at this point. This cover does NOT come with a FREE black mask (which was a limited supply for those who placed first orders)...all free masks have been exhausted.


Non Intellectual Property / Greek Inspired Colored Masks

No Rhinestones--Fully Sublimated (These are mocks)

(Sample picture of real material is attached)


Phase 1 Pre-Order thru Monday 4/13

Select #1 (Pink/Green) 

Select #2 (Red/White)

Select #3 (Blue/White)

Select #4 (Blue/Gold)


Introductory Price Ends 4/13...Regular Price $15.

*Please note that "ALL masks are final sale and cannot be returned


*Due to COVID-19 shipping/receiving of our source items have slowed. The date above is when we epect to be able to begin shipping out items. This could change depending on delivery from the factory. We also follow our shelter-in-place and ship 1X/week. You will receive an email with the tracking # or delivery date so that you will be aware of shipment/delivery.


As we continue to follow the guidelines of sheltering-in-place, it's important that when we do go outside for essential needs (walking the dog, getting groceries, etc) that we maintain our social distance.


To aid in the new guidelines to wear cloth  face-coverings if they must go outside, our fashion-forward BLING Masks may be just what you need. Because 25-50% of infections are "silent"/a-symptomatic, coverings help to keep any droplets from coming out of your mouth, infecting others. It also reminds us and others to practice social distancing while covering our faces. So, let's be fashionable in our BLINGwear, by adding fashion masks.

Fashion "Colored" Mask COVERS - 4 Colors

$12.00 Regular Price
$10.00Sale Price

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