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Select your favorite patch...estimated sizes are below :


#1 - AKA (3 x 1.2 inches) - $6.50 - SOLD OUT

#2 - 1908 (3.2 x 1.2 inches) - $7.50 - SOLD OUT

#3 - Crest (4.5 x 4 inches) - $11.50 - SOLD OUT

#4 - Ivy Badge ( 3.5 X 3.2 inches) - 11.50 - SOLD OUT

#5 - AKA Jacket (3 x 3 inches) - $10.00 - LIMITED STOCK

I Am Black History (9 x 9 inches) - $20 - SOLD OUT


Fabric: Twill

Technique: Embroidered

Can iron-on or sew-on

Various Patches: Iron-on or Sew-on ($6.50 -20)

  • Patches:



    • Set iron medium-high (depending on fabric) and place on FLAT surface. 
    • Lay patch face-up and cover with fabric/pressing cloth.
    • Apply firm pressure straight down on patch for 30-45 seconds.  Do not move iron around…straight press/no steam.
    • Turn the garment inside-out and iron the back of patch for 30 seconds. 
    • Let the garment cool down and enjoy!

    Heat Press

    • Set temperature to 270 degrees Fahrenheit (plus or minus 10 degrees is acceptable). Make sure the garment you are using can withstand the heat.
    • Preheat the area where the Patch will be applied.
    • Lay patch face up and cover with fabric/pressing cloth AND press for 12-15 seconds.
    • Turn the garment inside out and iron the back of the patch for 15 seconds.
    • Let the garment cool down and enjoy!

    Please Note: 

    • Wait 48 hours before washing and make sure to turn garment inside out when doing so.
    • Ironing works best for cotton/denim items and will easily last 25+ washings if applied and washed properly. Patches do not adhere well to synthetic fabric or leather without professional installer. Consider having patch sewn on for this material and/or permanent placement.  
    • We take no responsibility for any damage you may cause to your clothing or yourself while following these instructions. These are suggestions only based on our experience with patches. 
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