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Genuine Italian Leather Purses from Designer - Valerie Margarėt

For the price that some pay for vegan leather that will eventually wear and tear, you can purchase high quality, GENUINE ITALIAN LEATHER with the style that is sure to be a head-turner. Although in the pre-launch phase, Valerie Margarēt will offer retail therapy for the fashionable soul who loves and deserves timeless artistry with everyday luxury though our genuine leather masterpieces. 

If an item is out of stock, you can still PRE-ORDER with a discounted price if ordered before the end of the month. Just click the item above. Colors may appear slightly different due to lighting. 

More about Valerie Margarēt Bags

Partnering with Italian artisans, known for their craftsmanship in  producing hand-made, high-quality, sumptuous leather items recognized the world over, Valerie Margarēt designs high-fashion, Italian leather bags geared to accentuate your wardrobe style and color palette.  The culture is reflected in our attention-grabbing, rich, color combinations that you are sure to appreciate. 


Hand-made to perfection with a reserved maximum number created per design means that mass production is NOT in our vocabulary.  Exclusivity through our limited runs of particular color combinations/designs gives our customer the comfort in knowing they posses unique pieces, with added value. 


During this pre-launch, we invite you to shop with confidence and experience glamour, high-quality, and impeccable style that exudes timeless artistry with everyday luxury of our quality pieces. If you are a subscriber to our e-newsletter, check your email for a possible coupon code to receive the specials.


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