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Some colors on this site may display differently from the actual product, depending on your computer monitor. 

Genuine Italian Leather Bags from Valerie Margarēt

The beautiful Xi Nu Omega Chapter wearing blouses produced by PinkNGreenGirl™


Brainchild of Valerie Battiest-Danzy, husband/partner Roscoe Danzy, and her late Mom, PinkNGreenGirl™ has been offering general/non-trademarked bath and body items, watches, jewelry, shoes, and purse items  to customers since 2008. PinkNGreenGirl specializes in bling and PNGG originals of unique apparel featuring a little something for every member would like to add to her wardrobe. Remember, PinkNGreenGirl allows you freely to showcase YOUR personal panache! We created AKA licensed items from 2012-2021 but now specialize in non-licensed/non-insignia items focusing on color and style for the Seasoned Soror:).  

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