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NEW Genuine Italian Leather Bags from Valerie Margarēt

The beautiful Xi Nu Omega Chapter wearing blouses produced by PinkNGreenGirl™

Some colors on this site may display differently from the actual product, depending on your computer monitor. 


Brainchild of Valerie Battiest-Danzy, husband/partner Roscoe Danzy, and her late Mom, PinkNGreenGirl™ has been offering general/non-trademarked bath and body items, watches, jewelry, shoes, and purse items  to customers since 2008. PinkNGreenGirl specializes in bling and PNGG originals of unique apparel featuring a little something for every member would like to add to her wardrobe. Remember, PinkNGreenGirl allows you freely to showcase YOUR personal panache!

Disclaimer: Current designs in inventory with PinkNGreenGirl were created/manufactured under the AKA 2021 self-manufacturing licensing agreement  and/or in preparation for the 2022 licensing season. During that time, we were negotiating a special legal agreement with the Sorority and submitted the application for the 2022 season per instructed. We received correspondence from Corporate Office that upon submitting our 2022 application for review, there would be no penalty and we would not lose a step with our business. Therefore, we went forth with production (which usually takes months due to the supply chain and material needs as well as producing as a self-manufacturer . We have incurred a heavy cost to our business in preparation for the 2022 season in addition to the burden of legal counsel we have had to maintain during this unfortunate situation.


It was mid-late February when we found out from the Regions to which we had already applied and been accepted were cancelling our booths because they were informed from Corporate Office that we were not receiving a license for 2022. We were never directly informed of this and in fact (in late February) were presented with a contract to sign after decisions had been made to not license us. The contract was not agreeable or beneficial to us as a business and did not include any items that were supposed to be negotiated by our two parties.  All this to say, we will proceed with our business with integrity and  attempt to recover any costs from he sale of our once licensed items. Final sales of "AKA trademarked" items will be conducted on our website, which will be updated to include this inventory within the next week. If this is an inconvenience for anyone, we sincerely apologize. This unexpected turn of events was out of our hands. However, rest assure that we will complete any orders/designs that were commissioned before this circumstance.

Please Note: 

PinkNGreenGirl Inc. retains ownership and ALL proprietary rights in the products and images produced. You may not frame or utilize framing techniques to enclose PinkNGreenGirl™ trademarks or images and text without express written consent. You may not post, modify, distribute, or reproduce copyrighted materials, t or images/designs created by VMB Business Incentives, Ltd/ PinkNGreenGirl™/ BlingingTs.

All rights reserved. 

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