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Secret Soror

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These are  perfect gifts for  $35 or less that any Soror would love to receive from her Secret Soror. Some are for any woman of AKA., such as the HERstoric T, I AM T, or  Soror T (which can be made on Black with silver, gold, or even white Glitter for a Milestone celebration if you prefer).  Likewise, we have customizable Ts that can be tailored  for that extra layer of  gift-giving thoughtfulness (Name T,  UG Chapter T, School T).  For special celebrations, such as Birthdays, Advanced Degrees, and AKAversaries , we also have you covered with the Birthday T (or sash), Custom Degree T, and the standard It's My AKAversary T), Although, you can purchase ANY of our items from the website for Secret Soror gifts, these are some of our favorites! Also, available is the Gift Card opportunity where you can give gifts in increments of $25.

When you purchase  an item for your Secret Soror, please let us know in the comments are of the purchase page and we will include an insert that says,
"To: Soror ___________ from your Secret Soror. Enjoy!" We will ship directly to your Secret Soror , not including your identifying information, as long as you have inserted the Shipping Contact  of that person on the check-out page. We can bill to you and ship to another:). 


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